i2 Inspiraatioilta Ideaparkin Bläk Boksissa

Ari Rauhala

Kutsuimme asiakkaamme Lempäälän Ideaparkin uuteen Bläk Boks -tapahtumakeskittymään huipputason salibandyviihteen äärelle. Meillähän on ollut iso rooli koko kokonaisuuden rakentamisessa niin Ideaparkin kuin uusiutuneen Classicinkin näkökulmasta. Katso videolta tunnelmia vauhdikkaasta illasta!

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Is your brand just alive or is it living?

A living brand is the soul of the company. It is something unique that can be found in values and practices. We look for this perspective and bring the brand to life at different meeting points. We create stories that influence the buying decision.

i2 is a Finnish marketing agency that operates both locally and globally. We serve companies in different branches and needs. We communicate fiercely living brands in a way that is eye-catching, interesting and emotional. The goal is always to create expectations, memories and stories that influence the buying decision.

Our services 

For us, ideas are the core of everything. We wish to understand what you want, but we may also tell you what we think you need. We may still disagree with you and challenge you. 

However, A living brand is always created together with you. With us, you have passionate and people-oriented experts at your service who make sure that things run smoothly from the empty slate to the final implementation.