Be Bold.

Be Human.

Building growth
with creative solutions.

i2 is a marketing agency located in Helsinki and Tampere. We combine strategy and creative thinking, and help change-driven businesses and organizations to create humane and powerful marketing.

Digital Mind.
Analog Heart.

We design stories and actions that support your business and evoke reactions. We believe marketing is all about driving emotions. Facts lead to conclusions. Emotions lead to action.


We help you make better decisions and find what sets you apart from others.


We make your story worthy of attention and build a visual identity that sticks with people.


We design marketing and communication activities that support your business growth.

What is relevant?

According to Sturgeon's law 90 percent of everything is crap. It's not a scientific fact, but it does feel like Sturgeon was on to something. With all the noise out there, it can be hard to distinguish what's relevant and what's not.

Contact us if you need new ideas for your marketing efforts. We promise to give you at least one idea that defies Sturgeon's law.

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