New modern sports venue inside Finland’s biggest shopping mall

– 25.04.2022


Floorball Club Classic


Technical coordination / partnerships

Ideapark in Lempäälä is Finland’s largest and most visited shopping mall. With a variety of new services and attractions it aims to become the most popular short term holiday destination for families. This calls for new target groups in which sports and entertainment play a big role.

Floorball is one of the most popular sports in Finland measured in licensed players and hobbyists.

Floorball Club Classic is a top Finnish team that has won five consecutive championships. They have a representation in both men’s and women’s national leagues. Classic was looking for a new home arena starting from 2021.

A new venue Bläk Boks was born out of these premises. An old sports hall inside the shopping mall was converted into modern venue with emphasis on customer experience utilising lights, sound and digital surfaces. It will also work as a venue for other sporting and cultural events alike.

As a lead agency for both Ideapark and Classic, we were at a unique position to bring this partnership to life. We concepted the co-operation and created the identity for the venue. We also designed the opening show and digital surfaces for Classic’s matches.

The new venue has brought new customer streams for both parties and can be seen as commercially lucrative, strategic move for many years to come.

The partnership was awarded with the Finnish Sponsonship Award and represents Finland for European Sponsorhip Awards in 2023.

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