Passion for Life – After Retirement, Too

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be retired? Or what you are going to do after retirement? Pension insurance company Elo asked i2 to devise a distinctive way to tell its customers about the pension security reform that entered into effect in early 2017. Changes related to life and livelihood are important but challenging to communicate. Retirement is a natural part of life.

The entire campaign reached 3.2 million users on YouTube and 2.3 million users on Facebook.

We took the challenge and designed Elo a campaign that first sought out pensioners that are passionate about life and then shared information about the pension reform in a new way. The stories told by real pensioners gave us interesting points of view on retirement.

We searched for pensioners who enjoy life to the fullest with a recruitment campaign fronted by the ever formidable Jorma Uotinen. We produced a series of seven video clips featuring Uotinen, who showcased his passionate attitude, his experiences and the story of his life. During the first part of the campaign, more than a hundred pensioners  were reported to us from all over Finland, and out of them, three wonderful persons were selected: Sirkka, Olle and Eero.

We made one long video clip and five short video clips of each person, and these were distributed via Elo’s digital channels. The threesome had widely different stories and passions but they shared a similar attitude towards life and its phases. The high energy level and exuberance of the pensioners performing in the videos charmed the viewers and sparked debate. The positive message combined with authentic stories reached the target audience and carried far.