Exhibitions: The Power of Face-to-Face Events


There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about the role of exhibitions as a marketing tool and its relevance in strategic marketing.  Some have claimed that in a world of social media, apps and online marketing, trade shows have started to lose some of their importance. Others have argued that trade shows are still the most cost efficient face-to-face marketing tools available, and for as long as we still have actual people making the purchasing decision, we are going to need tools that allow for the combined use of information and feelings.

“We have more ways than ever to communicate with people, yet the most effective remains face-to-face” -Marc Hunter-

Exhibiting at a trade show has many benefits. From expanding your customer base and identifying prospects, increasing visibility and building your brand, to creating buzz around new products and learning in what direction the industry is going. No matter if your presence is big or small, local or international, exhibiting gives you a great platform to connect with prospects, clientele and stakeholders, and to promote yourself to a broader group of people that might have little to no previous knowledge about your company or products.

That is not to say that exhibiting does not have its challenges. Participating in trade shows can be a big investment; between space costs, freight, design, production and travel, it is no wonder so many companies are hesitant to participate. However, with the right strategy, preparations and trade show partner, exhibiting can be a very successful venture.

This is where i2’s events team come in. With years of experience from local and international trade shows, and equipped with an extensive network of partners, we can not only help you choose the shows to attend, but also take care of all practical arrangements. From mapping out the appropriate marketing actions and setting targets, designing functional and visually impressive spaces and AV-production, to practical arrangements and on-site presence for the duration of build-up and show-We will help you tell your story, every step of the way!

Henrietta Åström / 5.9.2017

As for the author of this piece? Well, since I started working as a project manager at i2 back in March, I have had the opportunity to managed several interesting international exhibition projects. Work has taken me to Brazil, Germany and Holland, where I have not only been able to see the physical results of our teams combined efforts, but also got the chance to meet and work with a lot of wonderful people.  

As with any job, managing exhibitions can be stressful from time to time. It is a fast-paced environment where you need to be able to multitask and sometimes really think on your feet. Fortunately, any cons that might come with the job, are outweighed by the pros of exhibition success, positive interaction and genuine gratitude.  

 So, in the spirit of Marc Hunter, I thank you for reading, bid you farewell and hope to get the chance to meet you-face-to-face sometime in the future!