Better Life With Electricity – Adding Power to Ensto’s Image


Satu Hänninen / 15.7.2017

Electricity is needed everywhere. It’s an inseparable part of our lives at home, at work, in traffic and in our spare time. Ensto wants to facilitate everyone’s everyday life through its electrification solutions. The international, Finland-based family business renewed its strategy last year and formulated its new vision: Better life. With Electricity. The change called for a new, uniform image, and i2 was chosen via a tendering process to realise it.

A fresh, uniform brand contributes to the creation of a bright, better future.

The new graphic image of Ensto complements the vision of the company: it’s fresh, lively and modern. A central element in the visual image is the Ensto cube at a 45 degree angle. This strong element is both dynamic and playful at the same time.

In addition to graphic elements, we wanted to bring the entire picture portfolio of Ensto closer to people’s everyday life and emphasise the significance of electricity in everything we do. The pictures contain various situations and encounters that include electricity in one way or another. The pictures have a human aspect and they are easy to identify with. Together with the other elements, they build the brand of Ensto.

During spring 2017, the new image of Ensto has been implemented in many applications, such as the company website and the recruitment advertisements. We are building an Ensto BrandHouse online, which will contain all the tools for applying the new image anywhere in the world. A fresh, uniform brand contributes to the creation of a bright, better future.