Networking Is the Most Valuable Part of the Event


Anu Varila / 2.6.2017

i2 was commissioned to establish regional and national sponsorships for the large maritime event The Tall Ships Races.  With more than 50 sponsors and sponsorship contracts totalling €2.8 million, the commission was a great success.

July is easily the busiest month for public events in Finland, with an overwhelming number of options and something for everyone. Out of all of these summer events, we chose the largest and most impressive event of the year, which brings the world’s largest sailing ships to Kotka and Turku.

We contributed to The Tall Ships Races through acquiring both national and regional sponsorships. In addition, i2 designed the joint marketing campaign for the various events comprising The Tall Ships Races.

What a wonderful feeling it was to finally get to see the results of months and months of planning realised at the Kantasatama Port in Kotka and along the banks of the Aurajoki river in Turku.

Sponsorship acquisition for the event was very successful, and resulted in more than 50 sponsors, with the contracts totalling €2.8 million. Organising a major public event is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle that, once finished, becomes a colourful and impressive work of art. At first, you have small, large, round, oval and square pieces. Now and then you pick up wrong pieces, and occasionally you have to replace some of them with entirely new ones.

Sometimes finished areas fall apart, while at times the pieces fall into place almost by themselves. This is the case when organising a large public event, too.

You construct it piece by piece and can only really see the finished work of art properly once the event is over.

The way there is filled with tension, uncertainty and ups and downs, but most of all feelings of achievement, unique encounters and great experiences. What’s so great about this then? It can be summed up in one word: Cooperation.

The pieces will not move or change their shape by themselves. There is always someone behind it. In The Tall Ships Races, we are talking about a big team, with team members coming from different backgrounds.

From the sponsor point of view, networking creates opportunities that are the most productive and valuable part of the event. Other relevant aspects include cooperation and otherwise unattainable unique experiences.