Business Needs Superheroes


Jussi Vento / 13.1.2015

In cooperation with the Lahti regional development company LADEC, we produced an exceptional campaign in which the entrepreneurs and prominent figures of the Lahti region plunge into the world of films with attitude. A central goal of Operation L.B.R. was to improve the positive visibility of the Lahti region as a business environment.

The starting point of the operation was simple: you don’t need a miracle, you just need people who do things and get visible results. Amid the world’s dismal economic prospects, we wanted to do something positive and inspiring.

Only epic counts

The operation relied on strong visual expression and a cinematic style. 18 regional entrepreneurs and prominent figures – from private entrepreneurs to listed companies and from designers to a provincial chairperson – were asked to front the campaign. We gave everyone a new role and shot the material during the course of one day at the Sibelius Hall in Lahti. We ended up with four film posters. The most insightful viewers may recognise the sources of inspiration behind the posters.

 You don’t need a miracle, you just need people who do thins and get visible results.

People could encounter these film stars and superheroes in social and business media, in the streets of the Helsinki regions or at the airport. The operation reached the news, too: the campaign attracted the attention of the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Helsingin Sanomat, Markkinointi&Mainonta and Etelä-Suomen Sanomat, among others.

A special score was also composed for every ‘movie’.

Of course, location marketing is not the easiest area. Hardly any company makes its location decision on a very short notice. Therefore, it was impossible to measure the success of the campaign by the number of ‘orders’. The campaign’s memorability, the initial reactions it triggered and the amount of discussion generated were better indicators.

The operation wouldn’t have been possible without the ‘heroes’ themselves whose commitment to the campaign as messengers was crucial. This gang had collective power.

The world needs heroes. The Lahti region showed that, with or without a cape, heroism takes many shapes. In business, too.